What does it mean to you to be

Alive And Well
In St. Louis?

Research demonstrates that adverse events and
stress – especially persistent, toxic stress or
traumatic incidents – lead to disease. Join Alive and
Well STL to help make St. Louis healthy.

Highlighted Stories

As a part of our efforts to raise awareness about the impact of stress and trauma on our lives, we are working with our media partners to highlight the stories of people, organizations, and events that show what it means to be alive and well.

Treat Stress to Manage and Prevent Chronic Disease.

Share Your Story

Make an impact on your community. “Stress and trauma affects all of us, but we can bounce back – and it all starts with you. If you have an inspiring story of wellness and resiliency, we’d love to hear it and share it with people who may be struggling with similar issues. Please share your story to help us build a healthier St. Louis.

Emotionally Well?

Emotional wellness helps you focus at work, overcome obstacles and get along with others. It is key to being Alive and Well. Click here to learn to better cope with and manage everyday life, as well as, more serious crisis and challenges.

Become An Ambassador

Help strengthen St. Louis. Join us in our commitment to address the causes and consequences of trauma and/or toxic stress by becoming an Alive and Well STL ambassador. Attend meetings, represent your community and help us ensure the Alive and Well message is communicated through workplaces, neighborhoods, faith communities and schools.

Take 5 And…

Learn More

Learn how stress and trauma impact overall health from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study.

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Get The Help You Need

Improve your emotional wellness and reduce toxic stress by getting the help you need.

Get The Help You Need

Learn Resiliency Skills

Learn some basic resiliency skills so you can handle stress better and bounce back from setbacks easier.

Learn Resiliency Skills

Stop – Pause – Think “What Happened?”

Stress and trauma are making us sick, but we’re here to help reduce the impact on our health.

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Reach Out and Help Build a Supportive Community

We encourage you to get involved and help us build a happier, healthier, more resilient St. Louis.

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