Become an Ambassador

We can better manage the stress in our lives by building supportive relationships and communities. Bring Alive and Well STL to your community by becoming an Alive and Well STL Ambassador!

Individuals can get involved and collaborate with Alive and Well STL by:

1) Becoming a Trainer. Lead Trauma Awareness trainings to educate your community about how trauma impacts social, emotional, and health outcomes.

2) Becoming a Community Ambassador. Be creative about how you can help. Examples include planning a movie screening of Paper Tigers for your school district or creating a wellness group at your workplace. The options are limitless.

3) Becoming an Organizational Ambassador. Help your non-profit become an Alive and Well Organizational Partner. Through this role, you will coordinate training efforts and strategy building for your organization to help them become more trauma-informed.

If you are interested in being part of Alive and Well STL and helping continue the conversation in your community, please fill out the form below. Contact Ebonie Young at with any questions.


Become an Ambassador

Start the Alive and Well STL conversation!

  • Download the Alive and Well STL Conversation Cards.
  • On each card, you’ll find Conversation Starter. Use this question to get a conversation started with your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors.
  • Each card also contains a Take 5 Tip. Share these tips during the conversation and connect them to your daily life.
  • Each card also contains facts and evidence about the topic of the conversation starter. These tidbits, labeled “Did You Know?” will give helpful information or instructions of how to learn more.
  • When you see this symbol !!!, it means we’ve provided a facilitation tip to help keep the conversation moving.
  • There’s no need to use these cards in any particular order. Use whatever seems the most interesting to you!
  • If during one of your conversations, someone you know discloses that they need help, refer them to one of the resources at the back of the conversation card deck or to the Alive and Well STL Get Well page.