Showing You Care

One of the most powerful things about a truly supportive community is that it has a role for everyone to play. Supportive communities are filled with individuals taking steps to not only better care for themselves, but who are actively working to care for their community. Often, when we think about what it means to Read More

How Stress Affects Your Sleep

Alive and Well Stress and Sleep

While falling asleep can be difficult – especially if you’re particularly stressed or are experiencing racing thoughts – sometimes staying asleep is the biggest challenge of all. People often think of insomnia as a condition in which people only have trouble falling asleep, or what’s known as onset insomnia. In reality there is another type Read More

Finding Our Empathy in the Face of Addiction

The research is clear — the more toxic stress and trauma someone experiences, the greater the risk for them abusing alcohol and drugs. Studies, including the Adverse Childhood Experience Study, have shown that experiencing 4 or more traumatic experiences during childhood can increase someone’s risk for alcoholism by 500%. For me, this correlation between trauma Read More

Reducing Your Family Stress

While our family can provide a great source of strength and serve as a wonderful support system, our family can also add stress to our lives.

Impacts of Stress on the Body

Stress does more than just make you feel a bit blue. It actually has physical effects on your body that you likely never recognized as being related to stress.

Ways to Manage Stress

There are many ways to manage stress. Choosing the best one for you can be complicated. Here are some suggestions you can use to help get yourself back in great shape mentally! 

Dealing with Work-Related Stress

Stress is a normal component of everyday life, however, too much stress can lead to physical and mental health problems, including elevated blood pressure and depression. Many people experience the majority of stress due to their job or work environment. Meeting deadlines, peer reviews, angry coworkers and launching projects are stressful workplace issues, but there Read More